November 02 - 03, London, United Kingdom


Collaboration, Innovation & Enhancing Quality in Clinical Trials

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Global Clinical Connect 2017

The conference focuses on introducing pioneer technology, developing better patient engagement and collaborating strategies in clinical trials.

Why Attend GCC'17 Conference?

The global pharmaceutical industry has seen a downturn in recent years because of the challenges and cost associated with pharmaceutical development, procrastination in drug development, etc. Clinical trials field is also faced with such challenges. Cases of failures, cost and delay are high. It is high time that we look into innovative strategies, new technologies, effective and quality collaborations to address these issues, which can cater to the needs of the patient and the industry. Due to complex clinical trials and bygone data standardization methods, we need algorithms and lucrative strategies that will enhance the clinical trials outcomes. There are vast data collected across clinical trial process, the standardization of these data will turn into an opportunity for companies to trap the information and raise clinical trial design, patient recruitment, monitoring insights and augment decision-making. One response to this can be CROs and pharmaceutical companies can together work on diverse and varied clinical trial activities, also in near future we require joint effort for fulfilling outsourcing requirements and providing effective clinical trials.   This conference will bring together the industry experts and leaders across pharmaceutical, biotechnological and CRO’s for brainstorming on Case studies on innovation, collaboration and existing clinical data to headway the Clinical Trials process. Ethical considerations are given in this context and for this RBM are beginning to extend its concepts in Quality Risk Management; clinical trial predictive models are accumulated by enterprises, methodologies in trial design and many more. It gives us a great pleasure to welcoming you to the Global Clinical Connect 2017 (GCC’17)

Key Highlights

Partnership & Collaboration - Sponsors, CROs, Sites and External Vendors

Outsourcing strategies and models

Patient centric clinical trials

Real World Clinical Trial Strategies

Clinical Technology and Driving Innovation

Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment and Electronic Patient Reported Outcome

M-Health, Wearable and Consumer Technology

Artificial Intelligence Technology in Clinical trials

Patient Recruitment and Site selection

Keeping the Patients Informed After the Trial - Post-Clinical Trial closed communities

Data Quality & Technology

How to future proof your clinical operations

Big-Data and IoT in Clinical Trials

Data Quality & Technology

Clinical Data Strategy & Analytics

Implementing Risk Based Monitoring

Streamlining R&D and lower costs in clinical trials

Adaptive Trial Model

Clinical Trial Auditing

Who Should Attend?

This event is designed for senior level attendees from various companies including pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biopharmaceutical, CRO’s, Investigative Sites, Diagnostics, solution provider and government institutions. Attendees includes VPs, GMs, Directors, Heads and Managers of


Regulatory and pharmacovigilance

Clinical Quality Management

Monitoring/Site Management/Study Management

Clinical Outsourcing/Vendor Management/Third-Party Management

Patient Recruitment/Enrollment

Patient Organizations

Good Clinical Practice

Digital innovative strategic planning

Clinical trials and data management

Clinical innovation

Data storage and analysis

Contract outsourcing service providers

Health care professionals

Health IT professionals

IT consultants

Other Clinical Service Providers


Our Previous conference attendees includes

Well known industry leaders and emerging companies

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Valid until 30th September 2017

Our Speakers

Global Clinical Connect full schedule of keynotes, sessions & workshops

  • Ines Alves

    EUPATI Portugal

    Ines Alves

    Founding Board Member

  • Henrik Torp Nielsen


    Henrik Torp Nielsen

    Head Medical Affairs Finance

  • Sheuli Porkess


    Sheuli Porkess

    Interim Head Medical Affairs & Clinical Research

  • Mark Whitlock


    Mark Whitlock

    Senior Director - Head of Statistics, Internal Medicine Research Unit

  • Helen MCaskill

    Isle of Man Government

    Helen MCaskill

    Interim Head of Research and Development

  • Nadia Turner

    Former Director, Clinical Operations, AstraZeneca

    Nadia Turner

    Outsourcing and Collaboration Leader

  • Oleksandr Karpenko


    Oleksandr Karpenko

    Managing Director

  • Mohamad Fauzi Zakaria

    Novo Nordisk

    Mohamad Fauzi Zakaria

    International Operations Clinical Medical Regulatory (IOCMR)

  • Sheila Khawaja


    Sheila Khawaja

    Board Member, EU Division

  • TamzinBlagbrough

    Eli Lilly and Company


    Sourcing Consultant

  • Nuno Godinho


    Nuno Godinho

    Independent Advisor

  • Modestas Jarutis


    Modestas Jarutis

    Medical Manager

  • Gjon Mirdita


    Gjon Mirdita

    Head of Site Management, Key Markets, R&D Solutions NEMEA & CESE

  • Peter Coë

    Tudor Reilly Health

    Peter Coë


  • Sarah Cooper

    NIHR Clinical Research Network

    Sarah Cooper

    Business Development Manager

Conference Schedule

Global Clinical Connect full schedule of keynotes, sessions & workshops


Registration & Welcome Coffee

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Technological innovations and challenges in clinical trials. Are we ready to revolutionize?

  • Incorporating Innovations Into Clinical Trials
  • Is the consumer technology sector in the forefront of innovation in clinical trials?
  • Impact of clinical trials - from trial design and data capture to community outreach and patient recruitment

Chairperson’s opening remarks

Oleksandr Karpenko
Oleksandr Karpenko

Managing Director, Olexacon

Innovative trial designs to save time and cost without compromising on the efficiency

  • Strategies & Methods for flexible design trials
  • The Adoption and Impact of Adaptive Trial Designs
  • Preclinical environment and trial designs

Morning Coffee/Tea & Networking

Grab a Coffee & Network with your industry colleagues

The new EU clinical trials regulation 2018: its impact and preparations to accommodate the changes

  • How will the new legislation change the processes and the format of the trial application?
  • EU portal updates ahead of implementation in 2018
  • Country specific aspects of the Regulation
  • Ethics committee structure and reviews

Artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for GCP inspections, tracking and maintaining compliance and challenges from new regulation

  • How AI can predict drug activity and toxicity
  • Communication between people and AI-enabled systems and devices
  • Increase efficiencies by using AI
  • Image analysis in clinical trials
  • Genomic data analysis in clinical trials
  • Artificial intelligence algorithms

Outsourcing & Clinical Trials


The necessity of CROs- Can company’s move ahead without outsourcing?

  • Are CROs vital for clinical trial success?
  • Benefits of keeping everything thing in-house
  • Creating an effective strategy to decide when to outsource
  • Analysing the key risk factors your CRO might bring and how to tackle them

Networking Luncheon

Buffet Lunch and Networking
Nadia Turner
Nadia Turner

Former Director, AstraZeneca

What does Good Governance/Oversight look like – for sponsors and CROs

Modestas Jarutis
Modestas Jarutis

Medical Manager, Roche

How to effectively build a long lasting partnership?

  • Managing Continuous & Real-Time Collaboration
  • A Sponsor - CRO governance structure that allows for transparency between the partners
  • Both sponsor and CRO must invest time in defining goals, anticipating issues and measuring results.
  • Considering what patient centricity factors your CRO bring in
Nuno Godinho
Nuno Godinho


Topic TBC


Afternoon Tea/Coffee

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Henrik Torp Nielsen
Henrik Torp Nielsen

Head Medical Affairs Finance, Novartis

Key principles for successful clinical trials

  • Importance of Budget
  • Key principles for successful Clinical trials
  • Milestone planning in a financial context
  • Importance of predictability
Sheila Khawaja
Sheila Khawaja

Board Member, EU Division, WAPO

Panel discussion: Novel strategies for globalization in clinical trials

  • Connecting the developed and the developing nations
  • Dealing with differences owing to culture and ethnicity
  • Role of CROs and third party stakeholders

Chairperson’s closing remarks

17:00 - 18:00FOYER

Cocktail Reception & Networking

Get to know fellow attendees over complimentary cocktails in the foyer area

Registration & Welcome Coffee

Dont't forget to pick up your name badge and goodie bag

Chairperson’s opening remarks

Clinical Data Strategy and Analytics


Early years of electronic data capture (EDC) technology, experience and regulatory support has benefited trials

  • How was the Regulatory support for EDC?
  • Early adopters experience have helped the risk-benefit balance
  • Tools are a low-risk way to improve clinical research

Big data and digitalization in clinical trials

  • Big data strategies for better decision-making
  • High-level models and simulations compelled by big data will allow elimination of risky trials
  • The potential of Big Data in clinical research goes past patient identification and patient recruitment

Morning Coffee/Tea & Networking

Grab a Coffee & Network with your industry colleagues

Improving clinical data management (CDM) and statistics to meet new regulatory requirements

  • Integrating end-to-end clinical data management to manage data disruption
  • Centralized Statistical Monitoring to Improve the Quality of Clinical Data
  • Analyzing the data constantly to evaluate and adjust the monitoring strategy as required.

Patient Recruitment & Site Selection

Sheuli Porkess
Sheuli Porkess

Interim Head of Medical Affairs and Clinical Research, ABPI

Patient- Centric clinical trials – Recruitment and Retention

  • What will persuade and impact the patient? Is there anything pharma can provide for a trial member that will increase the value of participation?
  • Decide the most practical and morally fitting approach to build study awareness
  • The aim of patient-driven clinical trials is to diminish the burden of participation by making the participant journey as convenient and pleasant as possible
  • Utilize fitting procedures and techniques to limit dropouts without, in any capacity, constraining a patient to remain in the study
Helen McAskill
Helen McAskill

Interim Head of Research and Development at Department of Health, Isle of Man Government

New Ways of Working to support patient centric research and improve the health of a nation

  • The Health service model and patient centric research
  • Collaborative ways of working between healthcare, social care, government and industry
  • New ways of working to support patient centric research based on public health data and beyond
  • Potential long term benefits to health and industry with new ways of working

Networking Luncheon

Buffet Lunch and Networking
Divya Chadha Mane
Divya Chadha Mane

Business Development Manager, NIHR Clinical Research Network

A national approach to streamlining site selection, reducing delay in recruitment and ensuring study success

  • Utilizing national and local expertise and intelligence - disease prevalence rates, treatment practices and regulatory requirements
  • Uncovering new sites with a proven track record of successful delivery, certified and dedicated staff who employ effective recruitment strategies
  • Gathering expressions of interest from an entire National Health Service via a single online submission
  • Using local study data and expertise on previous recruitment performance to sense check recruitment targets
  • Delivering the right results

Risk Management & Clinical Trials


Implementing risk proportionate approaches in clinical trials -moving towards risk based monitoring

  • Observing exercises and methodologies ought to be chosen to be proportionate to the risks identified within a trial
  • Risk-based monitoring needs an effective and adaptable technology platform with analytics, which are combined with monitoring to assess, manage and mitigate risk

The effectiveness of new generation analytics models in RBM

  • Centralized monitoring can characterize key risk classifications and pointers from all clinical and operational source data available
  • To evaluate risks to site performance, subject safety and data quality using Data and Analytics
  • Differentiating the relative risks between sites and subjects using the new age analytics models

Afternoon Tea/Coffee

Have a coffee & exchange your business cards

Next-Gen Clinical Trials - Digitization and Disruptive Innovation

Gjon Mirdita
Gjon Mirdita

Head of Site Management, Key Markets, R&D Solutions NEMEA & CESE, QuintilesIMS

Next generation clinical research

  • Replace assumptions with comprehensive evidence based on unmatched breadth and depth of healthcare data
  • Select a more precise and predictable path to product approval and beyond
  • Mitigate operational risks using real-world insights to create plans based on evidence, not assumptions
  • Start up and recruit faster by confidently selecting the right sites – and enabling researchers to recruit the right patients
  • Make development decisions based on real-world insights and analytics to generate relevant evidence earlier

Wearable’s and m-Health technologies in clinical trials

  • Effectively using Technology is enabling patient centricity
  • Exploring the impact and strategies to develop mobile apps in clinical trials
  • How to implement mobile technology and make it work in clinical trials
  • mHealth tools and wearable technologies may help sponsors capture data in clinical trials more frequently and efficieintly
  • Does consumer technology devices used in clinical trials?
  • IoT in digital transformation of clinical trials

Panel discussion: Global data sharing in the world of innovation. Benefits and Security Risks

  • How Data sharing could advance scientific discovery and improve clinical care?
  • What are the guiding Principles for Sharing Clinical Trial Data ?
  • Need to protect the privacy and honor the consent of clinical trial participants
  • Sharing fosters sound regulatory decisions
  • What are the key roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in the sharing of Clinical Trial Data?
  • The Approaches to Mitigating the Risks of Data Sharing
17:10 - 17:20CONFERENCE HALL

Chairperson’s closing remarks

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  • The event proved to be a very well choreographed event. The content was very timely and fresh. The program was both highly informative and ample opportunities for networking.

    Evjatar (Evi) Cohen

    Evjatar (Evi) Cohen

    Vice President, Global Pharma & Life Sciences, Appian
  • It was great fun to talk about something I am passionate about in the conference.

    Elif Coskuncay Yener

    Elif Coskuncay Yener

    Country Medical Director, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • I enjoyed it and had interesting feedback from other participants too.

    Elia Stupka

    Elia Stupka

    Director, Genomics and Computational Biology, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • We were very happy to attend Digi-Tech and were very happy with the organization. We look forward for future events.

    Geraldine JUGE

    Geraldine JUGE

    Administrative & Operations Assistant, HighPoint Solutions

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